Everyone Needs Support

As a modern artist, I rely on others to see and like my art enough to purchase it. And it’s a competitive field. Once upon a time, artists had people support them as they produced work. Patrons, angels, investors… And the financial backing provided by those patrons allowed the artist to do what they loved … More Everyone Needs Support


An article popped up from a friend on my social media feed: “Feeling Blah During the Pandemic? It’s Called Languishing.” I clicked the New York Times link and read about that middle ground between the valleys of depression and the peaks of feeling good: languishing. It is something that we have been faced with as … More Languishing

Successes and Accomplishments Amid the Absurdity of 2020

Pride is a sin, I know. My great-grandmother reminded me of that all the time. Anytime I get ready to feel the tiniest bit proud of something, I shrink back and say, “No, it’s okay if I don’t say anything.” This year has been ridiculously absurd and strange, like some alternate reality or prequel to … More Successes and Accomplishments Amid the Absurdity of 2020

Genevieve’s Gambit

One of my absolute favorite pastimes is trolling photography credit card scammers. For those of you who don’t know, photographers and other small business owners/vendors get approached by scammers who request an event be photographed. Seems legit until they insist on paying with a credit card AND let you know that you can “do them … More Genevieve’s Gambit

Neurotic November…

…rolling right into Dumbfounded December. Just like that, I turned around and the month has passed me by… Hello. Been a minute. My regular depression and quarantine depression hooked up with my seasonal depression and it’s been a bit of a spiral. In the spirit of using my sense of humor to mask inner turmoil, … More Neurotic November…

Little Wins

Celebrating the “little victories” in life is something I hear others talk about but have never really done myself. Acknowledging even the tiniest of accomplishments can raise your serotonin levels (and as we well know, I need that in my life). So, I’m going to recognize some of my small wins in what is a … More Little Wins

And now we wait.

Currently, it’s pleasant outside. There’s a light breeze and some cloud cover, but nothing that looks ominous. Nothing that would indicate that two storms are bearing down on the Gulf of Mexico. Marco should make landfall late tonight and Laura at the next day. We will probably get a lot of rain, which is scary … More And now we wait.