Clearing My Mind (and Office)

Being “off work” so much has allowed me to focus on creative endeavors outside of portrait work. I’ve taught some courses and am even preparing to launch some tutorials on my YouTube page. Since portraits are straggling here, I’m diversifying. 😉

And of course it’s given me a ton of time to realize that my work space was in an awful state of … well. Just awful.

So I set to organize, digitize, and set everything straight – which included finishing up some of my mixed media pieces and posting them to my Etsy handmade shop.

This Fancy Lady can be found in the shop here: Jennifer Esneault Art.

Here are a few others. These are so fun to make. I use vintage illustrations, vintage photographs, and photos I’ve taken to make these whimsical things. Buttons, broken jewelry, and paint round them out.

More work coming soon, different types and more instruction for people who are interested in learning how to share their stories through art.

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