Everyone Needs Support

As a modern artist, I rely on others to see and like my art enough to purchase it. And it’s a competitive field.

Once upon a time, artists had people support them as they produced work. Patrons, angels, investors… And the financial backing provided by those patrons allowed the artist to do what they loved without fear.

I create quite a lot, and I love to share my creations and my expertise with people. And I’d love to have some patrons.

Join me on Patreon for exclusive content that I won’t share anywhere else. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Everyone Needs Support

  1. Hello Jennifer, found your picture „Death by Consumption“ on My daily photograph. Congrats to this and I just wanted to share my compliments for this artwork. It shows exactly what media did to people in 2020. Thank you. And if I wasńt an artist too, trying to make a living out of photography since years I would ask you for a print. But as I am not allowed to visit any exhibitions or host one myself here in Germany as an unvaccinated human being, I have to spare my money very very carefully this year.
    I wish you goooooood luck and a creativ 2022!
    Heiko Hellwih


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