Little Wins

Celebrating the “little victories” in life is something I hear others talk about but have never really done myself. Acknowledging even the tiniest of accomplishments can raise your serotonin levels (and as we well know, I need that in my life). So, I’m going to recognize some of my small wins in what is a hopefully encouraging and uplifting post. 😉

I started putting more content on my YouTube channel.

For now there are only 5 visible videos – speed edits and compilations. (I’ve made more in the past, but have hidden them because they’re not “on brand” or whatever that means.) I am quite happy with my small channel so far, and have plans for more camera and Photoshop education there. (So, ahem, if you’re interested in those sorts of things, please consider clicking the video below and subscribing. *wink wink nudge nudge*)

A fun video paying tribute to Bly Manor. 🙂

I have been painting and I think they’re pretty good.

I’ve made some fun paintings and am considering selling them. I mean, I can’t maintain a gallery of my own work on the walls – not enough space! I could place them in my Etsy Shop with my other mixed media pieces. Hmmm…

Some works in progress (and some completed!).

I finished my paper rosette backdrop.

It is lovely and it has 659 paper rosettes on it. SO MUCH HOT GLUE. Now, what to DO with it.

I know there are other things I could list here. Like showering, cleaning my house, keeping up with kids’ schedules and school events. I could go on a serotonin high from all these wins. 😉 Maybe that’s the point.

What wins have you celebrated for yourself lately?

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