New Book, Who Dis?

Greetings to those of you that hang around my quiet corner of the internet. The beginning of the year is always a whirlwind for me. I thought it would be quieter during a pandemic, but no. Just as busy.

Also, I was hard at work on something in the background… Would you like to see it? 😉

I wrote a new book! It’s titled “Capture the Everyday Spectacular” and leads anyone with a smartphone through the composition and edit of their every-day snapshots, and helps them turn those snaps into really amazing and memorable works of art for their family.

Why did I write this book? I’m a professional photographer, but 95 percent of the images I take of my kids and family are ones taken with my phone’s camera. People have asked me, “What camera do you have? It takes great pictures!” (Which, by the way, photographers really hate hearing, because it’s not our camera that does the work…)

But truly, anyone CAN take good photos with the right knowledge and practice.

Each of these images was taken AND edited with my phone.

Who should buy this book? I’m so glad you asked! EVERYONE. But especially people that have…

  • Kids!
  • Grandkids!
  • Pets!
  • A garden!
  • Wildlife in their yard!
  • A sky over their heads!
  • An interest in small things!
  • Interests in big things!
  • Architecture lovers!
  • Landscape lovers!
  • And MORE!!!

You can get this book in the following places…

Available on, Blurb, Inc., and Apple iBooks

Buy the Softcover on
Buy the eBook on Blurb
Buy the eBook on Apple iBooks

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