Neurotic November…

…rolling right into Dumbfounded December.

Just like that, I turned around and the month has passed me by…

Hello. Been a minute. My regular depression and quarantine depression hooked up with my seasonal depression and it’s been a bit of a spiral.

In the spirit of using my sense of humor to mask inner turmoil, I present to you my family’s Christmas card. (For those of you not on the Gulf Coast, the names on the stockings are the names of the five hurricanes that struck Louisiana this year. Note the coal.) It’s not the greatest composite I’ve ever done, but it’s not meant to be. It’s fun. My family embraced the weird idea and jumped right into the spirit of the card, posing and smiling, and giving ideas of things to include. It was magical.

Our 2020 holiday card. Goodbye, 2020. We hope.

I’m doing a roundup of the work I have created this year on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I was shocked when I tallied all the numbers. This year, in spite of a pandemic, civil unrest and a crazy election year, I managed to create ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-EIGHT unique pieces of art. Prolific much? Ha!

You can see the daily posts here (FB) or here (IG). And if you are so inclined, click the follow buttons there. 😉

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